Criteria for Unacceptable Specimens

Unlabeled or Inadequately Labeled Samples

All samples must be clearly labeled with patient’s full name and identification number, passport or MRN. Samples that are inadequately labeled, our Customer Service Agent will call and confirm the patients sample however this is only applicable if the sample was packed in individual transport bag along with the request form. In these cases our laboratory records will carry a statement of spoken to, date time details of patient were confirmed. Only then will the sample be processed.

Incorrect Specimen Type for Test Requested

The clinic will be informed and we will act on instruction e.g. either wait for a repeat sample to be collected or delete the test which cannot be done. Action taken it will be recorded in our laboratory information system.

Grossly Haemolysed Sample

The clinic will be informed and we will act on instruction e.g. wait for repeat sample or delete test that cannot be done. For mild degrees of hemolysis, the sample will be brought to the attention of the Senior Scientist or Head of Department who will then advise whether the degree of hemolysis will significantly interfere with the particular test requested.

Unsuitable Specimens

The most common reasons the sample are unsuitable are:

  1. Insufficient specimen
  2. Clotted EDTA specimen
  3. Citrate Tube – not correctly filled
  4. Specimen received in unsuitable containers e.g. blood still in syringe
  5. Leaking specimens

All cases of specimen rejected will be followed with a Request For Follow Up Specimen. To avoid additional charges the form must be returned together with the follow up specimen. If you do not intend to send a second sample then the form need not be returned.

Specimen without Request Form

If the clinic can be identified, then our staff will phone to clarify the requested test and a fax copy of a completely filled request form must be faxed over. If the clinic cannot be identified than the most common test will be performed for each sample type. Results will be held until a request is received

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